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The Art of the Organized Life

... is what happens when a series of tiny changes, in how you see –and move within– your space, become habits.  

Organizational coaching can best be compared with the work you might do with a personal trainer or therapist-- it's tailored, it's focused, it's sensitive ...and most importantly, it's cumulative.  

All packages begin with a personal disorder assessment & profile.  From there we devise a customized action-plan for your space that fits your schedule & budget.  In-person and remote coaching are employed on a case-by-case basis to ensure clients are reaching and maintaining goals.  Acute attention is paid to aesthetic and functionality details, as well as how clients use and experience their surroundings.

What sets the Closet Muse standard of artful living apart is a focus on navigating the emotional and mental roadblocks that typically accompany cluttered environments, and a commitment to helping each client define and attain their own unique vision for home & office –spaces that not only sustain, but inspire.  

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